Donevan’s Hardware Ghost Box Session: Gananoque A Paranormal Inquiry – December 2018

Guest Camara POV at Donevan’s Hardware in Gananoque Ontario. Have to say we got kinda emotional from the first groups footage. Very relevant responses. Kind of shocking to be truthful. Spirit Box is a tool that holds alot of criticism but when you get responses like this, it gets you thinking. The EMF spikes were interesting as well. Check out the video and let us know what you think. Many of the Spirit box responses tied up with what Mary Donevan and Marc Jade had to say about Gananoques longest running business. Lots of love around this place.

Another Ghost Box Session
Gananoque A Paranormal Inquiry – December 2018

Terri-Lynn of 99.9 myFM stopped by with her family, together they used the Ghost Box to try and reach the spirit of James Donevan. Interesting that “water” cam through multiple times, later that evening when Marc Jade did a reading at the property he mentioned James Donevan was present and talking about water. Unfortunately this was after the live feed cut out. An interesting possible evp caught, really don’t see why one of the groups would have said this, hopefully they can comment to confirm.
Donevan’s Hardware: Two intuitive Women
Gananoque A Paranormal Inquiry – December 2018

At Gananoque: A Paranormal Inquiry we used the Spirit/Ghost box at Donevan’s Hardware. We used this paranormal tool as the focus at Donevan’s due to all the street noise and noise from the bar next door. People had some interesting experiences, especially when singing happy birthday to Kay Donevan as it was her birthday. In this video two women use the Spirit Box headphone style which potentially removes the influence of suggestion. As discussed in our event presentation our brains are trained to make sense of everything we hear. Marc Jade met up with these two women at Trinity House and told them they were gifted and had a male presence with them. It appears he wans’t wrong as we have never seen results like this from a Spirit Box. What do you think?
Marc Jade at Donevan’s
Gananoque A Paranormal Inquiry – December 2018