October 2018 Event

Ninette Sanatorium: Day 1

A Haunted Sanatorium in Manitoba. Day one, getting to know the property. A lot of creepy vibes in this place. Everyday we are learning something new. Excited for the days to come and the Event! Friday is sold out!.

Ninette Sanatorium Day Two

Jael arrives from Ottawa by flight, explores Ninette for the first time. Eric enters the underground tunnel used for moving the dead, food and laundry. So far we have captured some intriguing evidence to be shown at Ninette Sanatorium: Paranormal Expedition!

Ninette Sanatorium Day 3

Sorry for delay, been busy. Here we visit the graveyard that contains the unmarked graves of those who passed of Turberculosis at Ninette Sanitorium. A talented musical guest takes part in a paranormal experiment and Eric gets spooked. Thanks to @lLiza-Jane Krieter and PAST Paranormal for connecting us. Enjoy!

Musical guest at the Sanatorium for an experiment.
2018 Ninette Sanitorium EVP Review

Had a blast last year, insane experiences. Listen to this EVP from Ninette Sanatorium 2018 that sturred up a debate. Our great and brave guests heard two different phrases. What do you hear?
Return to Ninette

Haunted NInette Sanatorium in Ninette, Manitoba provided so many great experiences for us. From both this magnificant historical location and from the wonderful community members that joined us in experiencing the paranormal at Ninette Sanatorium. We have decided as a team in the mist of our crazy event tour coming up this summer we have made room for a Ninette San revisit. We are looking forward to reconnecting with the many relationships we made in Manitoba! Also follwing up on all the evidence we gathered! 
Ghost Face inGroup Photo?

This was brought up by a few, a face in the Group Photo taken at Ninette Sanatorium. Interesting photographic anomaly most likely simply matrixing which we discuss at our events. What are your thoughts?
Phantom Knocking at Ninette Sanatorium

Ninette Sanatorium was an amazing location. In this clip you will see that Paranormal Investigators get scared to, this building was used for soldiers either with TB or who returned from WW1 recovering from Gas Poisoning in the war. It was expressed to us that somthing very negative is there. We believe there is. Out of all the buildings this one was the most discomforting, a feeling we have not felt anywhere else. An invasive presence is the best way to describe it. The knocking captured here cannot be explained, we never heard it again afterwards. Listen and let us know what you think.

Ninette Sanatorium Oct 20 4 Young Women Alone

4 young women joined the Paranormal Expedition at the Huanted Ninette Sanatorium. They were placed in a room where we captured many EVP’s. Great job! that energy they had together in that haunted space is what we find brings out the best activity. 4 friends, scared so deply they cant help but laugh the entire time and enjoy time together. Some great EVP’s caught. Male voices with in a room that contains only 4 young women! Listen for yourself and let us know what you think. Sure these guests have been waiting for us to publish this lol. This video may have our best and clearest EVP yet. This video does contain coarse language, viewer discretion advised!

Ninette Sanatorium Oct 19, Door Knob Action

In this clip we have the largest group we placed in a room alone. You can hear the door knob move. 100% no one was on the other side of that door. Perhaps it was jammed and let loose or maybe something paranormal. What do you think?

Ninette Sanatorium Oct 20, 2018 Games Room

Guest POV catches possible intelligence with the MEL Meter that is on the pool table infront of the female guest. Picking up on EMF spikes. Interesting that when she asks for “you” to do it again, the MEL meter flashes up again. Rarely see this piece of equipment light up like this. What do you think?

Ninette Sanatorium: Oct 19th Group Experiment

A Haunted Sanatorium in Manitoba, our guests were true troopers. After exploring abandoned buildings in the dark the whole group took part in one last experiment. Occpying the many rooms of the second floor of Ninette Sanatorium. Some alone, some in pairs and some in Clans. Captured some interesting EVPs from this experiment. Thanks to all that took part, we are aleady missing Manitoba and the wonderful people of the many communities that joined our events. Our first taste of this Province was delightful to say the least. Cheers Manitoba!

Ninette Sanatorium: Military Building Oct 20th Group

Two men take hold of the IR camera with ultra sensitive external mic. They brave this dark building that housed WW1 vets suffering from TB and Gas Poisoning. Eerie feelings, phantom touching experienced. The cursing negative entity makes his presence known. This entity’s voice was shared with guests during our event, viewers be advised, coarse language in this one. Share your thoughts!

Ninette Sanatorium: Games Room Oct 19

This group spent time with Jael in the games room. Known to have the spirits of 6 children. The read children books and ask questions. What responses did they get?. Tune in and listen, judge for yourself whether it be paranormal or not. Boo Buddy is participating aswell as a Tickle Me Elmo that was used by a previous Paranormal Team.

Ninette Sanatorium: Military Building Oct 19th Groups

It doesn’t stop! Amazed by the EVP’s our group has been getting, Ninette is truly active. Perhaps we should return! In this video three groups from October 19th enter this building. Perhaps the most active at Ninette. Used to treat WW1 vets. Female and Male voices captured. What do you think?

Ninette Sanatorium Oct 20 Military Building Phantom Smell

Group on October 20th enter the Military Building. Used for WW1 vets recovering TB and from gas attacks in Europe. Guest POV, some interesting EVPs, sound of child giggling and a phantom smell that appears everyone noticed even when floors apart. Check it out. Still lots more to review and post.

Ghostbox session Ninette Sanatorium

Two women go in room 308, the Peeling Room. A room reported to be very active. They are provided with a Ghostbox and a Night Vision camera. These two women are also Cree and it was such a pleasure having them as they used the Cree language to reach out to the spirits at Ninette Sanatorium. Well at one point they hear a voice and flee the room, shortly after a near by male guest who decided to do a solo in a room fled as well. They teamed up together and entered room 308 to finish the paranormal experiment at Ninette. Let us know what you think of these Ghostbox voices!

Ninette Sanatorium: Paranormal Expedition Group Experiment Oct 20

Haunted Sanatorium Group Paranormal Experiment on October 20th: We are very impressed by those who dared to be alone in this very active location. Guests in two rooms actually fled in fear! Definately some interesting activity happening during this group effort. We appreciate all that took part and we know many are waiting to see what we discovered. Still more to review and more to post for your viewing pleasure. During this experiment both Elliot and Eric were hearing strange things and seeing shadows while they walked about. Happy we were not the only ones.

Paranormal Expedition: Ninette Halfway House

Another group enters the Halfway House building, not much evidence captured unfortunately other than an excellent and creepy EVP as a guest climbs the stairs to the spooky unstable attic. Appears that he and his friend were not welcome on the third story of this very active building. Got to say we are impressed by the bravery of our guests while exploring these old haunted buildings at Ninette Sanatorium.

Paranormal Expedition: NInette Sanatorium Oct 20 Gamesroom

6 Ghost Children? well that is what is reported in this area of the Sanatorium. Guests got to explore a little with an IR camera. Boo Buddy acted up a little, guests got creeped out and spooked. Impressive footsteps from above not noticed by guests but we know no one was above. What sounds like a childs voice captured. A little glimpse of the Games Room hosted by our lovely Jael. More to come as we continue reviewing!

Ninette Sanatorium: Paranormal Expedition Oct 19 Half Way House

Ninette Sanatoirum! Paranormal Expedition! October 19th group enters the Half Way House Building. Audio heard of a door closing (not the first time) and a couple interesting EVPs. That deep male voice and childs voice keeps popping in while reviewing. Intriguing to say the least.Lots more coming, our guests were amazing.

Paranormal Expedition: Ninette Sanatorium Oct 20

A young group enters the Half Way House building, EVPs, unusual ORB but most interestingly an EVP when Eric is alone while guests are downstairs that appears to be spoken directly into the camera mic. Very clear and loud, voice of a young female.

Ninette Sanatorium Guest POV Half Way House

Awesome group on October 20th at Ninette Sanatorium investigate the Half Way House building. This buiding is crazy active, so much so that we POY are very uncomfortable there. Check out this video, let us know what you think!