Provincial Hotel
Video Review

Review # 1 March 2019

Haunted Hotel in Gananoque? It certainly felt like it, but we have a ton to review and here is the first part of our Review. The Gan Boys were first to explore the basement of the oldest hotel in Gananoque. Spent about an hour exploring in total darkness. We were all hearing voices, even those who watched the Live Fed reported female and male voices. We did capture many voice anomalies. We need your help to watch, listen and let us know what you think? Pay attention to the Gan Boy’s voices and how they speak. The anomalies can very well be them but when voices are out of context, female, or sound nothing like them it makes you wonder whether its paranormal or not. The Gan Boys will be watching as well and commenting on the anomalies they picked up. So far this Hotel built in the 1850’s has not disappointed. Amazing location with Eric having his strongest experience yet, which will be released once we can review every aspect of that experience. Enjoy!
Video Review # 2 March 2019

What would you do if you heard footsteps come towards you in the darkness of a 168 year old hotel’s basement? Watch and see what Eric does. Help us review the voice anomalies from the Oldest Hotel in Gananoque. Cory and Eric enter the basement, Cory leaves Eric alone for a SOLO. Something occurred that gave Eric his strongest paranormal experience. This basement is rumored to have been used as a secret men only lounge. Cigars, whiskey and cards to say the least. Rumors of bootlegging in prohibition times. Let us know what you think by commenting. Lots more to review and post!
Evidence Review #3 March 2019

Most Haunted and Oldest Hotel in Gananoque? Every step we take further into our review it appears we have the attention of something or someone unseen. Help us review our audio anomalies, listen, comment and share your opinion. In this footage Eric and Elliot take their first investigative tour of this creepy basement followed by the Gan Boys second tour. Gan Boys capture footsteps and are intrigued but the hot/cold spot Bear triggering whenever they leave the room it is in. Many on the live feed noticed this as well and commented on hearing many whispers which we highlight in these Footage Review Videos. As always use earphones!
Video Review #4 March 2019

Spirit of a Child at the Oldest Hotel in Gananoque, Ontario? We were definitely following a intuitive feeling that a child spirit was with us, but did we capture anything that would confirm our feelings? Help us review the voice anomalies from this review footage. After the Gan Boys and Eric experienced the footsteps we made the decision to go down all together as we felt the activity was picking up. Some aggressive voice anomalies, there is course language in this video. Audio matrixing is always a possibility when it comes to review. Let us know your thoughts and comment what you hear.
Video Review #5 March 2019

If there are spirits communicating with us is it intelligent? Appears by how we interpret the voice anomalies they are well aware of us. It also appears they may be communicating among each other. Do spirits pick favorites among the people trying to communicate with them? In this case Eric appears to be a favorite. In this 5th Footage Review video help us interpret the voices, let us know what you think. Audio Matrixing may be at work so we want to know if you are hearing the voices?
Video Review #6 March 2019
Elusive Child Spirit finally clearly captured on audio? 4 men alone in this space and a voice of a child. Our ATDD Trigger Bear was acting strange the entire night. When we left the space it would trigger, those watching the live feed noticed this as well. Is a child spirit more comfortable playing with toys when we are not present? Perhaps this voice indicates that. Let us know what you think? This is the last footage review for this location that we will be posting. Feel free to watch the others if you missed them. As the Gan Boys said this trip to the basement is the “last kick at the can” and it possible got one of our top child EVP’s. Please use head phones as always.

Compilation of EVPS from March 2019

Insane EVP’s!! Thank you all for showing so much interest in this location. We are working on preserving it in a way that all can enjoy this amazing historical spot! We are working on events and more from this space that has impressed us on so many levels. This video is a compilation of all the EVP’s we have gathered through our first investigation. We have been to the most haunted locations in Eastern Ontario and this building in Gananoque is truly a gem in the paranormal world. This video contains voices we cannot explain. If you watched the previous Footage Reviews you know. Perhaps because we were the first to attempt communication we gathered such activity, we cannot explain it. This location is full of unknown history. A speakeasy where woman were not allowed, whiskey, poker games and cigars dwelled in this basement. Secrets unknown. Rumors of bootlegging in prohibition times and drug running in more recent times. Hope these voices provide clues to an unknown past. We would love you help in singling out the voices. We think there is a child, two women and two men. One man old and strong when coming through the EVP’s. Using this compilation we will catagorize the voices and sort out the personalities that may be the spirits of the Provincial Hotel and present them at our upcoming event and use what we learned in further investigating this location. Thank you all who assisted in the review much appreciated!