Red House
Evidence Review

December 2018
The Red House in Gananoque, built in 1790’s for founder Joel Stone. Plenty of accounts here and we had a live feed running for most of the night. When the Live Feed mysteriously ended, staff Jeff and Elliot entered to get it going again. When we were there we asked some questions and used the spirit box. We heard footsteps on the second floor and as we quietly listened we captured this EVP. Check it out. This location may be fully investigated in near future by Bytown Paranormal: Upper Canada Investigations with Elliot and Jeff. Also possibly a descendant of who is said to haunt this location!
Red House Investigation Intro – February 2019

Haunted Red House Live Feed in Gananoque, Ontario. Originally built in 1790. Torn down in 1850 and rebuilt where it stands now. Deaths on property and off occurred. In the 90’s when in use as a summer home for a local theater actors could not spend the night and were put in a hotel due to the activity. Listen in, tag things and help us investigate
On The Way to the Red House! February 2019

Phantoms of Yore music selection chosen by the one and only Elliot. On our way to a very exciting investigation in Gananoque, On. Red house!!!!!
Evidence Review # 1 – February 2019

Enjoyed seeing your responses from the earlier post from the Hostel. In this piece Eric goes to base alone from the upstairs where Elliot and the Gan Boys are to get a piece of equipment. We capture this possible EVP as Eric enters base alone, listen, pause, let us know what you hear and then continue to see if we heard the same thing.
Evidence Review # 2

Haunted Red House Part Two, Staff alone on second floor.
Eric Solo Evidence Review

Haunted Red House? Continues to appear that way. Eric spends 45 min alone, the room gave us all creepy vibes. Rest of us are at Base in an addition to the property far from Eric behind many closed doors. There is no way that we could be heard from this space. Eric hears whispers, footsteps, chills and goosebumps he just cant shake. We have never been in a location that produced so many audio anomalies, we turned the furnace off just to remove noise. Watch and let us know what you hear
Family Investigates – February 2019

HAUNTED RED HOUSE IN GANANOQUE! To start off the investigation Ron, Jen and Phil reach out to a relative that died from a tragic incident while at work. This tragedy effected the community and may have been what started the folklore of the haunting of the Red House. They received some EMF fluctuations and attempted to test whether intelligent or not. A light anomaly captured, may be dust or a hair but on our HD Camcorders they are rare to occur. In this over an hour recording only this one anomaly occurred. Some possible EVP’s, not clear but something can be heard. These people are all alone, the team is at base in an addition to the property behind many closed doors. This is the first part of our investigation of the Red House.
Spirit Box – February 2019
Spirit Box tested with descendants of the rumored spirits of the Red House. Jenn, Phil and Ron spend an hour in what was once the living area of this 200 years old home in Gananoque said to have belonged to founder Joel Stone.